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Welcome to Scholars Education Centre: Tutoring Vaughan & Tutoring Woodbridge!

Scholars Education Centre is proud to be tutoring Vaughan and Woodbridge!  Scholars Education Centre Vaughan – Woodbridge is now offering Free Assessments ($150.00 value)!  In order to provide accurate and relevant test results, our assessments are based on the Canadian and Ontario curriculum in reading, writing and math.  Taking advantage of our free assessment offer, allows us to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your child, and provide a detailed analysis of required support.  In addition to the free assessment, we offer a complimentary assessment review and action plan for each family.

At Scholars Education Centre Vaughan we understand that we need to tailor our programs to the needs of each individual family.  As a result, we offer tutoring services both in the convenience of our Centre or in the comfort of your home.  Our unique model allows family’s to choose the option that best suits their schedule.

Give us a call today to book your free assessment or feel free to drop into our location!

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Meet Our Teachers: Teacher & Tutor Profiles

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“As a mother of two, I understand the academic frustrations and confidence issues that students and families face on a daily basis.  I can relate to families that see their son(s) or daughter(s) experiencing academic difficulty and feel helpless.  A poor report card can be devastating for a child that struggles with confidence.  Simply put, I know our programs work and I know they can quickly help increase grades and confidence. Give me the chance to produce Real Life Results for your family!”

– Rashika, Scholars Education Centre Vaughan – Woodbridge Owner 



Meet our Tutors & Teachers at Vaughan - Woodbridge Scholars Education Centre

Katherine – Ontario Certified Teacher

Katherine“I truly look forward to coming into Scholars every week.  The teachers all care about students success and their well-being, thereby creating a very positive environment.  It is wonderful to see the growth and development of our students week to week and to watch as their confidence in academics increases.” - Katherine

Katherine is an Ontario Certified teacher who is qualified in the Intermediate/Senior grades:  English, History, and Drama are her teaching specialities. In addition to her Intermediate / Senior certification, she is also qualified in the Primary / Junior division and holds her Special Education Part 1 and English as a Second Language Part 1. Katherine has a natural passion for teaching and is able to quickly transfer excitement to students with her high level of enthusiasm and knowledge base! She is able to quickly form an excellent rapport with all of our students!

Nicole – Ontario Certified Teacher

Nicole“As a teacher at Scholars Education Centre, I am passionate about helping the students attain the skills they need to succeed.  My favourite part of the job is actually being able to see the progress that the students make.  It really proves that with the right tools, all students are capable of reaching their goals!”  - Nicole

Supporting Katherine in the Primary / Junior division is Nicole. Nicole is an Ontario Certified teacher who has a strong background in English, History and Geography. She has over 5 years of tutoring experience and is able to quickly connect with the students. Her dedication for teaching is apparent through the effort she puts into each student’s learning by incorporating different strategies and tactics into her teaching style.

Carol – Masters of Science in Physics & Astronomy

Carol“I found that most of the students I teach at Scholars require additional help to supplement what they learn in school. I help provide high-school students with the missing pieces that help them acquire a more complete understanding of math and of the material they are presented with at school. The students feel much more comfortable asking questions one-on-one as opposed to in a classroom environment. The additional assistance I provide helps students work on the specific areas where they are having trouble and strengthen their understanding. The results observed in the students, and also on their grades, have been very positive and motivating. Besides doing better on their tests and exams, the students also demonstrate more confidence and enthusiasm, leading to a much more effective learning experience.” - Carol

Carol specializes in high school Math and Physics. She holds a Master of Science in Physics and Astronomy from York University. She is proficient in all areas of high school math including calculus, advanced functions, and data management as well as Physics. Carol’s experience in teaching at the University and high school level allows her to easily relate to students and also provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve Real Life Results.


Supporting Carol in the high school division is Maria. Maria has over 7 years of pharmaceutical and research experience backed by an Honours B.Sc. in Biological Chemistry from the University of Toronto. She also holds a Post-graduate certificate in Clinical Research from Humber College. Maria is truly passionate about teaching high school students in the areas of Biology and Chemistry and is able to break down tasks in a manner that students learn faster and with a better understanding of the various

Kimberely – Masters in Education & French Immersion Teacher

Kim“My name is Kim.  I graduated from Niagara College with a Masters of Education in 2005.  I have had several years of experience working with children of all grades as a tutor and teacher in education centres and classrooms. I have worked as a French immersion teacher in grades 3, 4 and grade 6 classrooms.  I am now a mother of 3 children, 2 of which attend a French school in the York Region.   My area of expertise is French, French Immersion and Core French (all grades).” - Kim

Kim is an Ontario Certified teacher with a Master of Science in Education and French as a Second Language – Part 1 as an additional qualification. She specializes in the French language from preschool through high school. Kim is a native French speaker with a passion for instilling students with a love of French through interactive and exciting lessons.

These are just a few of the great Certified Teachers that we have on our team at Scholars Education Centre Vaughan – Woodbridge! Call today for a Free Assessment or One Free Hour of Tutoring!