Fast ForWord: Special Needs

Tackle Learning Challenges with Fast ForWord!

Fast ForWord is a brain changing, cognitive learning program for children and adults who are faced with everyday learning challenges and learning difficulties: Autism, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Acquired Brain Injuries.

Tackling learning challenges

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What is Fast ForWord?

The Fast ForWord Program is cognitive software that targets the primary causes of most reading and learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing disorder, autism and acquired brain injuries. It helps students at all academic levels. It uses sophisticated algorithms that adapt to every click, adding speed and complexity at each student’s own pace. The individualized structure produces an engaging experience and the intensity needed to create new neural connections and truly change how a student reads and learns.

How does it work?

The processing accuracy required for the brain to map the English language for reading, to accurately record every sound inside every word is beyond many student’s and adult’s abilities without intervention. Fast ForWord meets this widespread need. It exercises auditory processing and other critical cognitive skills to accurately map language and thereby automate the reading and learning process. Each day the student is prompted to make hundreds of increasingly more complex decisions in quick succession, using the neuroscience principles of frequency, intensity, and shaping — progress in tiny incremental steps. Once mastered, these new skills are used every day, so they can endure.

Scholars Education Centre provides each Fast ForWord student with one of our qualified teachers who will work closely with the student to monitor progress, and to provide constant support and guidance. Our focus is on long-term mentorship and to produce Real Life Results that families will be able to measure both in and out of the classroom.

For more information on the Fast ForWord program – you can visit Scientific Learning’s website by clicking here!  Scientific Learning has authorized Scholars Education Centre to be a Canadian based private provider for the Fast ForWord program!  For additional information on the Fast ForWord program, please submit the form below to your local Scholars Education Centre.  Scholars Education Centre provides the Fast ForWord program at all of our existing locations.   Scholars Education Centre is also authorized to provide the program throughout Canada!  If you live outside of the territory of one of our existing locations, we can still provide you with the Fast ForWord program.  Inquire today!