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High School Math Tutoring

At Scholars Education Centre, we know that a good high school math tutor can make all the difference. We offer a team of dynamic certified teachers and qualified tutors who specialize in all levels of mathematics. From analytic geometry to polynomial functions, Scholars has a high school math tutor that can help your child achieve their best in math. For more information click the grade level of interest below:

  • Grade 9 Math (number sense & algebra, analytic geometry & measurement)
  • Grade 10 Math (quadratic relations, analytic geometry, trigonometry)
  • Grade 11 Math (functions, trigonometric and exponential)
  • Grade 12 Math (derivatives, geometry, algebra of vectors, trigonometric & exponential functions)


Why Choose Scholars Education Centre for High School Math Tutoring?

  • The Scholars math team shares strategies on teaching advanced concepts to ensure that your child is receiving the finest and most comprehensive high school math tutoring available.
  • Our team of math tutors works to support your child for quizzes, test preparation, daily assignments, exams and more!
  • Students will work with a Scholars team member in a low student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring that they are able to grasp the complex concepts in the Canadian high school math curriculum.
  • If requested, Scholars will partner with your child’s classroom teacher to work with the syllabus for their grade level in high school math.
  • With functions tutoring, Scholars instructors can also provide study skills support, as requested. We work on note taking, study tips, exam prep, organization and more in regards to functions tutoring.
  • Our team is often able to support additional classes on short notice when a student learns of an unexpected test or quiz.


Are you interested in high school math tutoring with Scholars? Contact a Scholars Centre near you to book a FREE math hour with no obligation to enroll or sign up.