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Scholars Centre Pickering

High Quality Tutoring in Pickering

Pickering Scholars Education Centre offers tutoring programs that deliver exceptional quality service and results that matter to families.Our tutors are qualified and dedicated to helping your child improve their abilities in any subject area and reach their full academic potential.

Each tutoring program is based on an individualized, reward-based plan aimed at achieving measurable results. Many students who enter our programs see improved grades, better self-confidence, and high engagement in learning that gives them real-life skills they will use every day.

Math tutors in Pickering

Math can be a difficult subject for many students—your child is not alone! Our Math tutoring programs help make sense of math concepts by helping your child feel supported, engaged, and motivated while learning.

Science tutors in Pickering

Our dedicated tutors guide students through science subjects like chemistry, biology, and physics—teaching them how to analyze, problem-solve, and master science concepts.

English tutors in Pickering

Our English tutoring programs will teach your child basic to advanced reading, writing, and spelling which will help bring them lifelong success.

French tutors in Pickering

Our dedicated tutors will teach students French reading, writing, and vocabulary in a way that’s engaging and motivating. Soon, they will be saying, “J’adore le français!”

Book a free assessment

Our qualified tutors will identify your child’s needs and develop a personalized tutoring program. Contact Scholars Pickering to get started with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour—there’s never any obligation to enrol or sign up.