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Scholars Centre Richmond Hill

Tutoring Richmond Hill: We tutor in-Centre or in-home!

Like most parents, your priority lies in providing an excellent education for your children. Yet even when your children are in an excellent educational institution, they may need additional academic help. Some need tutoring to catch up with their peers, while others need more of an academic challenge. In Richmond Hill, Scholars Education Centre provides the additional educational help your child needs.

Scholars Education Centre only hires qualified teachers who have the knowledge and experience to help children at all academic levels reach their goals. Your children can also receive instruction in a number of subjects, including advanced areas of study, so they will be prepared for the next step in their education.

Tutoring in Richmond Hill

Scholars Richmond Hill has a guiding philosophy that dictates all of their student and parent interactions. The team believes that communication between all parties is essential to teaching success and they promise to listen to you and your child in order to develop a customized learning plan that leads to success.

At Scholars Education Centre, the staff identifies your child’s individual needs, whether it be catching up to their classmates or being challenged with more advanced material. The qualified educators on staff can provide whatever academic support your child needs.

You will always know exactly how your child is doing while being tutored at the Centre. The staff works with parents to determine each student’s goals and then carefully monitors their progress. You will routinely receive timely and in-depth progress reports.

Educational Experts in Richmond Hill

The Centre only hires qualified teachers who excel in small group teaching. These tutors have the education and experience to provide your child with a high-quality academic experience. Their dedication and passion enable them to effectively teach children at all levels, from pre-K to post-secondary prep. They are also available to instruct your child during evenings and on weekends.

Academic Areas

The Richmond Hill Centre’s expert staff teaches all the core subject areas as well as more advanced subjects. They can accommodate your pre-K child or your post-secondary-bound teenager. In addition to these basic educational areas, they also offer test prep and STEM Robotics and Coding instruction.


The staff employs a standardized Canadian assessment to develop your child’s reading program. The Centre uses these test results to construct an individualized reading plan for each child with the aim of improving their vocabulary and reading comprehension. Tutors also provide phonetic instruction when appropriate for your child.


Writing skills are essential to each child’s school success in almost every subject. The Centre’s writing program addresses all aspects of the composition process, including punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and essay writing, among other written communication skills.


If you cannot speak French well yourself, you are unable to help your child master the language. The Centre has French programs that work for all grades and skill levels, including French immersion, extended French and Core French. With the help of Scholars Education Centre, your child can become proficient in French in a short period of time.


If your child falls behind in math one year, they are bound to have difficulties the next. The Centre’s math program is based on local school curriculum in order to best help your child succeed in their studies. The staff is highly trained and flexible, so they can teach pre-school math concepts all the way to advanced math such as algebra and calculus.


If your child struggles with biology or needs more advanced study, they can turn to the Centre for individualized science tutoring. Even if your child has a full schedule, the tutoring team will work with you and your child to find the best time for a session. Often that means meeting before a particular exam or during a challenging chapter. The tutor is also able to work with your child’s school teacher to better prepare them for success. For advanced students, upper level math and science tutoring is also available in areas such as chemistry and physics tutoring.


Student success depends on a mastery of English, so the tutors at the Centre provide upper-level English tutoring with a low student-to-teacher ratio. Your child’s English teacher and their tutor can work together to help your child on school assignments and essays. In addition, the tutors instruct their students in exam preparation, memorization and organization. These study skills help your child find success in school and in the world after the completion of their formal education.

Academic Improvement

You can expect significant improvements when you send your child to Scholars Education Centre. After only forty hours of tutoring, the average student makes a 1.59-grade level increase in reading, a 2.08-grade level increase in math and a 3.16-grade level increase in writing. In a matter of weeks, your child can “catch up” and even surpass their peers. Students who are not being challenged can also achieve the results they deserve. Improved academic performance can change your child’s attitude toward learning and their school.

Finding the right tutoring in the Richmond Hill area can greatly improve your child’s educational performance and attitude. When your child does well academically and improves their confidence, your family life becomes less stressful. Your relationship with your child may also improve because you will no longer battle over marks and homework. Scholars Education Centre helps each child reach their academic and social potential.

We would love to help identify your child’s school struggles and work together to achieve academic goals for your family. For tutoring services and to start seeing real life results, contact Scholars Richmond Hill to begin with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour with no obligation to enrol or sign up.

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