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Tutoring Services in Stoney Creek

Tutoring Stoney Creek: We tutor in-Centre or in-home!

Scholars Education Centre is proud to be tutoring Stoney Creek! At Scholars, we help students eliminate stress and frustration when it comes to school, grades and homework. We listen to the needs of each student and work with families to help properly identify, fix and strengthen areas of learning for your child. With a fully certified team of tutors and mentors, Scholars Stoney Creek helps students embrace learning with confidence and curiosity – simply put, we help students love learning and help them to achieve their full academic potential.

Scholars’ students see real life results and improvements in:

  • Confidence (not just in school)
  • Learning skills (students develop a passion for learning)
  • Homework help and time management
  • And, of course – grades!

Is your child looking for tutoring to catch up or to master a specific subject? Scholars Stoney Creek will tutor and assist your child in any subject or area of difficulty such as: math, reading, writing, French, calculus, science, physics, biology, chemistry and more!

We would love to help identify your child’s school struggles and work together to achieve academic goals for your family. For tutoring services and to start seeing real life results, contact Scholars Stoney Creek to begin with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour with no obligation to enrol or sign up.

Writing Contest

For two years, Scholars Education Centre in Stoney Creek has been a proud organizer of the local writing contest for elementary school students. At Scholars, we believe that students should utilize each and every learning opportunity at elementary school level so they are ready for a successful future. No matter how far technology evolves, our brain is still the most powerful tool that we possess. We help sharpen young minds in every possible way so they have a promising career ahead.

A special thank you goes out to principals Mr. Castellani and Ms. Reilly-Scott, who share a similar vision for our future generation.

The winners of our November writing contest for Grade 5 students of Gatestone Elementary School will be announced during an assembly on Monday, December 3, 2018. Scholars Stoney Creek is also donating $300 to the Parent Council to spend on the school—just for participating in the contest!

April 2018 Winners

Our next writing contest will be held in February, 2019.
Stay tuned for details!

Special Monthly Promotion

Contact us today to book a free assessment ($150 value)!