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Scholars Centre Vaughan East and Maple

Tutoring Vaughan East and Maple: We tutor in-Centre or in-home!

Scholars Education Centre is excited that our team of tutors is now servicing the Vaughan East and Maple areas! At Scholars, we help students eliminate stress and frustration when it comes to school, grades and homework. We listen to the needs of each student and work with families to help properly identify, fix and strengthen areas of learning for your child. With a fully certified team of tutors and mentors, Scholars Vaughan East and Maple helps students embrace learning with confidence and curiosity – simply put, we help students love learning and help them to achieve their full academic potential.

Scholars’ students see real life results and improvements in:

  • Confidence (not just in school)
  • Learning skills (students develop a passion for learning)
  • Homework help and time management
  • And, of course – grades!

Is your child looking for tutoring to catch up or to master a specific subject? Scholars Vaughan East and Maple will assist your child in any subject or area of difficulty such as: math, reading, writing, French, calculus, science, physics, biology, chemistry and more! In addition to getting academically caught up, our team of tutors also specialize in the area of enrichment based learning. A large portion of our current families that are attending the Centre request that their child be challenged outside of the concepts being taught in the school classroom. As a result, our tutoring team is able to challenge your child with enrichment based material that focuses on advanced learning that will keep them motivated and engaged throughout the academic process.

Additional subject areas that Scholars Vaughan East and Maple focus on include, but are not limited to:

We would love to help identify your child’s school struggles and work together to achieve academic goals for your family. For tutoring services and to start seeing real life results, contact Scholars Vaughan East and Maple to begin with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour with no obligation to enrol or sign up.

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Did you know we have two Centres in Vaughan?

For information on our other Centre, please click below:

Scholars Vaughan West
145 Hawkview Blvd. (Highway 400 & Rutherford Road – Boom Breakfast Plaza)


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