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chemsitry tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring

Scholars Education Centre offers a team of specialized chemistry instructors who are Ontario certified teachers and qualified tutors. Our team provides comprehensive instruction and support when it comes to chemistry tutoring.  We tutor organic chemistry, chemical reactions, electrochemistry, chemical systems and more!

Why choose Scholars for Chemistry Tutoring in Toronto?

  • At Scholars, we work to pair students with the chemistry tutors who best fit each child’s individual needs and learning style.
  • Need to schedule in additional sessions for an upcoming test, quiz or exam? No problem! Our chemistry tutoring team is able to accommodate additional sessions on short notice. Scholars tutors will work with your child in a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • If requested, our team can reach out to classroom teachers. At Scholars, we believe that shared knowledge is the key to success. Whether it be partnering with a classroom teacher to discuss upcoming tests or working with each other to determine a new teaching strategy that will help a student better understand a chemistry concept, we work to provide your child the very best in education.
  • While providing support for quizzes, assignments and tests, Scholars chemistry tutors are able to support students with time management skills, note taking, study strategies, organization and more when it comes to chemistry tutoring!



Are you interested in chemistry tutoring with Scholars? Contact a Scholars Centre tutor, with locations in Toronto and across Ontario, near you or fill out our request for information form below!