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high school math tutoring

Grade 9 and 10 High School Math Tutoring

Scholars Education Centre employs a team of specialized Ontario-certified teachers and qualified tutors to support children in high school math tutoring as they work throughsolving equations, linear relations, quadratic relations, trigonometry and more!

Why Choose Scholars Education Centre for Grade 9 and 10 High School Math Tutoring?


  • Scholars specialized mathematics instructors work with your child in a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our team of tutors offers shared knowledge and teaching strategies when working through the mathematics curriculum with your child.
  • If requested, Scholars can reach out to your child’s classroom teacher to help your child better prepare for tests, quizzes and exams, based on the classroom teacher’s math syllabus.
  • Our high school math tutoring team allows for flexibility in scheduling unplanned sessions. Scholars is often able to accommodate additional sessions to prepare for unexpected tests or quizzes.
  • Scholars tutors are able to provide support in study skills such as organizational strategies, test preparation to reduce anxiety, note taking, memorization strategies and more!


Are you interested in high school math tutoring with Scholars? Contact a Scholars Centre near you or fill out our request for information form below!