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grade 9 math tutoring

Grade 9 Math Tutoring Services

Scholars Education Centre employs a team of specialized Ontario-certified teachers and qualified tutors to support children in grade 9 math tutoring as they work through number sense and algebra, linear relations, analytic geometry, measurement, and more!

Why Choose Scholars Education Centre for Grade 9 Math Tutoring?

  • Scholars specialized mathematics instructors work with your child in a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our team of tutors offers shared knowledge and teaching strategies when working through the mathematics curriculum with your child.
  • If requested, Scholars can reach out to your child’s classroom teacher to help your child better prepare for math tests, math quizzes and math exams, based on the classroom teacher’s syllabus.
  • Our grade 9 math tutoring team allows for flexibility in scheduling unplanned sessions. Scholars is often able to accommodate additional sessions to prepare for unexpected tests or quizzes.
  • Scholars tutors are able to provide support in study skills such as organizational strategies, test preparation to reduce anxiety, note taking, memorization strategies and more!


Are you interested in grade 9 math tutoring with Scholars? Contact a Scholars Centre near you to book a FREE trial hour of grade 9 math tutoring-  or fill out our request for information form below!