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Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring Program

Effective math tutoring for the elementary grades is a challenge for parents and guardians. Do you find your child is increasingly frustrated with completing math homework? Do you find it challenging supporting your child in preparation of math tests and math quizzes? Is your child frustrated with mental math practice? Our math tutoring program is developed by certified teachers to match the growing need of families.  Our math tutoring programs include the following benefits:

  • The Scholars math program is individualized for each student using standardized Canadian assessments to determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness. Based on the assessment results, each student receives an individualized math tutoring program.
  • In the Scholars math program, students focus on the following strands: number sense, measurement, geometry & spatial sense, patterning & algebra, and data management & probability. Our math program is matched to your local curriculum so you may recognize the areas we focus on because these are the areas that are on report cards and taught in classrooms!
  • Our math tutoring staff consists of certified teachers that specialize in the area of mathematics.
  • If requested, we can contact your child’s classroom teacher to work in conjunction with the teacher’s objectives, concepts being taught, tests, and assignments.
  • Each student is taught in an environment with a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our team utilizes a reward-based system that keeps students engaged and motivated, while developing their ability to complete assignments, manage their time, and develop a sense of pride.


We provide math tutoring services in the comfort of your home or in our Centre – the choice is yours! Contact us today to schedule a free math assessment!