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physics tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Scholars Education Centre employs teachers of the highest quality for our physics tutoring. Our physics team consists of Ontario-certified teachers and qualified tutors who specialize in tutoring physics. Our tutors will help your child work through kinematics, waves and sounds, electricity, quantum mechanics and more!


Why Choose Scholars for Physics Tutoring?

  • Our physics tutors will support your child in everyday homework and with preparation for quizzes and exams.
  • Scholars works to pair students with tutors based on their individual needs and learning styles.
  • While working through the physics curriculum, our teachers may also provide support in study skills such as note taking, memory skills, study tips, reducing test anxiety and more!
  • Our physics tutors offer sessions in a low student-to-teacher ratio environment.
  • At Scholars, we believe in a team approach; if requested, our physics tutoring team will work with the classroom teacher to focus on the specifics of the physics syllabus.
  • Scholars works with you to provide the most flexible scheduling for physics. We are often able to accommodate additional physics  tutoring sessions on short notice when a student has an unexpected test or assignment.



Are you interested in physics tutoring with Scholars? Please contact us or fill out our request for information form below!