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Summer Tutoring

Summertime is the best time to start our individualized summer tutoring programs! Whether you’re looking to catch up or get ahead for next school year, Scholars can help your child achieve academic results. Our summer programs offer a great solution to keep children focused academically and to avoid summer learning loss.

What’s different about our summer tutoring program? We customize and design each program to meet the specific needs and goals of your child. Whether your child is seeking enrichment to work ahead or is looking to improve grades, our programs go beyond the typical “skill-and-drill” method to allow full engagement and progress.

“Summer learning should include engaging comprehensive programs that go beyond ‘drill-and-kill’ instruction and provide students with (1) expanded learning through innovative instruction that accelerates learning and (2) opportunities for enrichment” (Bell and Carrillo, 2007; Boss and Railsback, 2002; McLaughlin and Pitcock, 2009; Beckett, 2008).


Why choose Scholars this summer?

Flexible Scheduling 

Scholars’ flexible schedule allows students to catch up or get ahead, while still allowing for essential “summer break” freedom and fun.

Stay Active & Learning

Scholars’ programs keep students’ minds active, preventing learning loss that may occur over the summer months.

We Challenge

Our teachers actively work with challenging and more advanced, enrichment-based material for students who may otherwise become bored at school.

Increase Confidence

It’s proven that students who participate in summer learning programs start the year off more confident and ready to learn.


Our tutoring features the following benefits:

  • Ontario certified teachers
  • Individualized programs for reading, writing, math, and all high school subjects
  • Subject specific support for summer school
  • Scholars’ curriculum is created by Ontario certified teachers, so it’s aligned with what your child is learning in school
  • Free assessment or trial hour

Contact a Centre nearest you to schedule a FREE assessment and to learn more about how Scholars can help your child this summer.