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Tutoring Vaughan | Math, Science, English, Writing, Reading, French

Ontario students have an impressive graduation rate due to the excellent educational resources in the region. Students in Vaughan not only have access to good schools, they can also get extra help from Scholars Education Centres (Scholars). At Scholars, certified teachers with years of experience help your child improve their academic performance by providing intensive one-on-one and small group instruction. Whether they are currently struggling or simply need more of a challenge, Scholars can give them the educational boost they need.

The Scholar’s Philosophy

Since its inception, the Centre has operated on a philosophy tailored to individual student needs. They believe in open communication between tutors, students, and parents in order to create an effective and unique learning plan.

Each student has different needs, so no one approach works for all children. Vaughan tutors at Scholars use Canadian assessment tests to determine the areas where your child needs improvement and then tailors their teaching to those areas.

Communication is a key component of the Scholars philosophy. The staff listens to you and your student while setting individual goals. In addition, you will receive regular reports on your child’s progress so that you are always fully informed.

Superior Staff

At Scholars in Vaughan, your child will receive tutoring by certified teachers who excel at one-on-one and small group teaching and who are passionate about their career. They are qualified to teach core and advanced subjects for students in pre-K through college prep. They also work around your busy schedule, offering tutoring sessions nights, weekends, and after school.


The Scholars Education Centres in Vaughan offer superior instruction in all core topics as well as various advanced courses. They also offer test prep and STEM Robotics and Coding instruction for interested students. Scholars highly-qualified tutors are dedicated to helping young students become more successful at school and better prepared for higher education.


Without good reading skills, students simply cannot be successful in any subject. Vaughan tutors work to improve your child’s reading comprehension and vocabulary. By using Canadian assessment tests, the staff determines your child’s current reading level and then creates a specific plan to address their individual needs. They also teach phonics when indicated.


If your student struggles with writing skills, it affects their performance in other areas. Scholars staff in Vaughan Ontario helps their students improve their capitalization skills, sentence structure, and essay construction. Your child can quickly become much more proficient in this vital area.


Vaughan students benefit from mastering French. If your child has difficulty in this area, the experts at Scholars can help. Students can participate in French immersion, extended French and Core French. Vaughan tutors can help your child master this important language.


For many students, math can be challenging and sometimes discouraging. The experts at Scholars can work with your child’s school teacher to create an effective plan for improvement. They teach pre-school math skills, elementary math, and advanced math such as algebra and calculus.


Scholars tutors also excels at science instruction, including biology and advanced courses such as chemistry and physics. If your child has a demanding schedule, the staff will work with them to find an acceptable time for tutoring. Additional sessions can be scheduled to accommodate test prep or special science projects.


Students must master English to be successful in their secondary and university courses. Scholars Education Centre provides upper-level English tutoring that works with your student’s current school curriculum. The tutors also teach your child develop study skills that will help them succeed in the rest of their educational career.

After School Help

For many students, getting after-school instruction can significantly improve their academic performance. Using an individualized plan, the staff can help your child catch up to the proper grade level, or they can simply offer them more challenging coursework. The certified teachers and qualified mentors enable your child to succeed and give them much needed confidence in their abilities.

Academic Improvement

The proof is in the test results. After only 40 hours of tutoring, the average Scholars Education Centre student demonstrates a 1.59-grade level increase in reading, a 2.08-grade increase in math and a 3.16-grade level increase in writing.

In many cases, your child can improve by several grade levels in a remarkably short period of time. As a result, they will feel more confident and have a better attitude toward school in general.

Free Trial

Scholars in Vaughan offers your student a free trial hour or assessment with no obligation to enroll. Scholars Education Centre is happy to discuss their methods and expectations with you at any time.

Your child’s school performance impacts their future success and overall well-being. If your student needs help, Scholars Education Centre has the resources they need. The tutors at the Vaughan East Centre are dedicated professionals who are experts in one-to-one and small group teaching. Their mission is to enable each school-age child to reach their academic potential. If your student needs help to fill educational gaps or simply wants to be academically challenged, call us today at 1-866-307-9476.

Scholars’ students see real life results and improvements in:

  • Confidence (not just in school)
  • Learning skills (students develop a passion for learning)
  • Homework help and time management
  • And, of course – grades!

We would love to work together to achieve academic goals for your family. For tutoring services and to start seeing real life results, contact Scholars to begin with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour with no obligation to enrol or sign up.

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