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Scholars Education Centre Tutoring Programs

We have a variety of tutoring programs at Scholars Education Centre to suit your family’s needs.  From pre-kindergarten to post-secondary tutoring – we are your one stop provider for exceptional tutoring programs & service.

Kindergarten Tutoring

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Early childhood education is challenging.  Sight vocabulary, building reading fluency, counting, alphabetization, phonics, oral reading comprehension, printing – the list goes on!  As a parent…
tutoring grades 1 to 8

Grade 1 to 8

Are you looking for a way to help your child excel at school?  Is your child bored in the classroom and needs a challenge or enrichment…

Programs Available

Math, Reading, Writing, French, EQAO
high school tutoring

High School

High school tutoring is challenging for families.  Often parents and guardians have difficulty recalling their high school academic content in the areas of mathematics, sciences,…

Programs Available

Math, Reading, Writing, French, EQAO, English Tutoring, Grade 9 and 10 High School Math Tutoring, Calculus and Advanced Functions Tutoring, Biology Tutoring, Physics Tutoring, Science Tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring, Math, French, SAT Tutoring, Study Skills, GED Prep

After School

Homework Help & After School Tutoring for all Ages & Grades Our homework help and after school tutoring program is developed to achieve one simple goal:…